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Buy CannaKids Oil Tinctures

The final product is a concentrate that contains a profile extremely similar to that of the actual flowers of the plant, while remaining free of residual solvents and unwanted contaminants. Buy CannaKids Oil Tinctures. Inspired by strain profiles with every input monitored for purity and quality, concentrates provided by CannaKids represents cutting edge scientific knowledge and cannabis insight in every package.

Non-Psychoactive Tinctures:

20:1 CBD  This tincture contains 10mg/ml CBD (1oz bottle)  – 300 mg CBD total in bottle

THCa This tincture contains 25mg/ml THCa (Gorilla Glue – 1oz bottle)  – 300 mg CBD total in bottle

This Tincture is non-psychoactive, the raw cannabinoids are derived from whole plant THC flower and then extracted at extremely low temperatures using organic olive oil in order to preserve the therapeutic acid-based properties of THCa.

Psychoactive Tinctures:

20:1 THC  This tincture contains 10mg/ml THC (1oz bottle)  – 300 mg THC total in bottle

Higher potency for maximum relief.

1:1 THC/CBD  5mg/mL THC + 5mg/mL CBD ( 1 ounce bottle). ***300mg total in bottle

A harmonious blend of THC and CBD for both pain relief and overall health improvement.


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