Buy Critical Cannabis Seeds


• Afghani x Skunk

• Indica-dominant (60%)

• Flowering period: 7-8 weeks



Buy Critical Cannabis Seeds

We like to think of our Critical as the perfect all-rounder and recommend it to outdoor growers and novices. Thus, anyone aiming for extremely high yields in a short flowering period.

Indoor growers can profit from a huge production that exceeds indoor yields of 600g/m² in some cases, a strong narcotic stone due to average THC levels of 18%, and a highly stable genetic background consisting of Afghani and Skunk genetics.

What makes this strain one of the best choices for an indoor grow? Well, no other variety from the RMS product range is capable of yielding higher. This happens in a short flowering period of 7-8 weeks.

If you’re looking for a vigorous and resilient strain that won’t cause any trouble other than confronting you with large amounts of high-quality cannabis – Critical is your choice.

Therefore, Buy Critical Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis can be either male or female—also calls “dioecious”—but only females produce the buds we all know and love. Buy Cannabis Seeds Online. However, for reproduction, the flower of a female plant must be pollinated by a male plant. Thus, after which the female flower produces seeds.

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