Buy Haida Gwaii OG Kush marijuana

From: $235.00

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Hungry

Medical: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression

THC: 25%

CBD: 0.7%

Haida Gwaii OG Kush Online Reviews
  • Cure – 95
  • Smell – 90
  • Trim – 90


Buy Haida Gwaii OG Kush marijuana Online

We are proud to offer a limited drop of Haida Gwaii OG. A variation of the world famous OG Kush.

This bud was created with the sole responsibility of creating a good time for the grower and his friends from back in the day. Courteously speaking, our Haida Gwaii OG Kush is a variation of OG Kush. Over the span of 30 years our grower from the Haida Gwaii region has been working tweak this strain to perfection so that he and his friends and loved ones can enjoy an ultimate strain.

The growers are now ready to share this strain with you. Therefore, Buy Haida Gwaii OG Kush marijuana Online

These buds are coated with sugar. For those of you looking to press resin at home, we recommend trying this flower.

The high can be very intense to start but it evolves into a very relaxing-floating high. Most of our friends and the grower’s friends have described the high as very stimulating. It goes but with a relaxed body feel. This flower is a compliment to a variety of settings and environments but best for hanging out at home when you are surrounded by friends and family.

The taste and smell is very earthy and piney… very reminiscent of the Haida Gwaii region of British Columbia.

So, we hope you enjoy this very special Haida Gwaii OG Kush.

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