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From: $240.00

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

Medical effects: Stress, Depression, Pain, Are you hungry?

THC: 24%

Order Lemon Haze Strain Online Reviews
  • Flavour – 99
  • Effectiveness – 92
  • Quality – 92
  • Smell – 99


Buy Lemon Haze Marijuana Online

More is less with Lemon Haze. An invigorating buzz that lasts longer than what you would expect.

We’re on a Haze mission right now – RE: the magical Purple Haze. Of course we tested the Lemon Haze for you and let us tell you that the buzz that came was quiet long. We didn’t even go through more than a joint so imagine smoking one to yourself… the buzz would last forever.

The Lemon Haze went down SO smoothly that we bet our bottom dollar that some of our community would gladly swap it for air if they could. Buy Lemon Haze Marijuana Online

To top it off, it tastes amazing and smells even better. There are not many strains better than this one and with the perfect cure and trim, it’s hard to beat. This particular harvest goes pound for pound with any flower we’ve carried. This is top-shelf bud.

With all the effects being positive it’s the ideal medicine for depression, lack of appetite and pain. This flower is magical. We highly recommend rolling it with some flavoured papers – you’d be surprised at what sort of tastes and smells you can chef… Master Chef of Pot!

Get ready to be blown away.

Buy Lemon Haze Marijuana Online

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