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Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Happy

Medical: Pain, Depression, Stress

THC: 23%

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  • Cure – 92
  • Trim – 93
  • Smell – 99


Buy Sour Tangie Marijuana Online

A personal favorite that we have been waiting for since the Summer of 2017: Sour Tangie!

DNA Genetics’ Sour Tangie is an 80% Sativa cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie. The bud structure and trichome quantity on this strain is impeccable. We urge you guys to share your pictures if you do happen to take any.

Sour Tangie brings together the classic Sour Diesel aroma with Tangie’s creative, elevating buzz and strong citrus overtones. This sativa has two different phenotypes that express either Sour Diesel or Tangie bud structures and effects. The lady that Quality Cannabis grew for us sides more the Tangie bud structure. Buy Sour Tangie Marijuana Online

Be careful when opening the bag too. It wreaks of DIESEL and citrus. Don’t open it at work, that’s for sure. Unless you work at a dispensary. If you work here, please do open it because the smell is magnificent.

This is one the favourite quotes we have been able to find describing the Sour Tangie effects:

“Okay I smoked a few bongs rips of this, and my girlfriend was completely toasted like the meatball sub at Subway. Honestly, roasted like a Jetpuffed Marshmallow. Seriously baked like an apple pie on July 4th, with fireworks blasting overhead.”

Buy Sour Tangie Marijuana Online

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