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T-Rex Rosin Oil Press

This brilliantly designed do-it-yourself oil extracting tool is revolutionizing the way you make concentrates.
In just minutes you can safely and naturally produce concentrates with no solvent required and your pressed material is still good to be used in your vaporizer after you’re done.
This oil press is dual voltage so it will work almost anywhere in the world.
The press is easy to use and features intelligent temperature controls that measure the temperature in Celsius.
Simply turn on your press by pushing the power button, set your temperature, once your press reaches the goal temp, place your material in parchment paper and then in your press, hold it for about 10 secs and you’re all done!
Within a couple minutes, you can take high grade flower, wrap it in parchment paper (never use wax paper) and in about 10 seconds, you will see the oils in your flower extracted with simply heat and pressure.  With any dab tool, you can easily gather up the extracted fresh squeezed oil.
Buy T-Rex Rosin Oil Press Online
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