The New “Era” of the PAX

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The future is pretty legit, at least if you’re up on the latest Pax products. Gone are the days when getting stoned consisted of sticks and stems in a poorly-rolled joint. Now, when it comes to getting high, artistry is applied to good old-fashioned science so we can control exactly how we want to get high. The Pax Era concentrate vaporizer, a pen and pod system for oil, is the pinnacle of this technology. With it, you can control the temperature, flavor, and potency of each hit, to achieve new high-ts. Experience an elevated existence of next-level bliss (where paranoiac whig-outs and burn-outs are a thing of the past) with the Pax Era by learning more about it below, lest you become like these classic stoner movie duos.

Jetty Era Pax Extract Pods

Level Pax Extract Pod

A box of Pax Era

In each box, you receive the Pax Era device and USB charger. Plus the device is fully app-enabled, which you want because it’s a game changer.


The Pax Era’s ergonomic design makes it a wonder to hold and a joy to smoke out of. It’s got a nice weight without being heavy and it fits perfectly in pockets. It’s also undergone rigorous testing to ensure dependable, long-lasting battery performance, making it the chef’s kiss of vaporizers. 

Pa Era Pod Refill

Nativ Pax Extrat Pod

Pax 3 Premium Vaporizer

SimpleClick pods

The Pax Era SimpleClick pods redefine getting stoned. These pods deliver quality extracts so each smoke session is a next-level experience. The Pax Era pods partnership resulted in over 250 strains from over 50 extract partners, meaning there’s a perfect pod for your needs. Plus, its dual wicks absorb from both sides so material isn’t wasted. Plus the SimpleClick™ pods are clog-free and leak-resistant, so you get your money’s worth each time you purchase one. 

Where to Buy The Vaporizer Premium Pax 3


Pax Mobile App

Use the PAX Mobile App to customize your sessions and design the experience you’re looking for. You can tailor your preferences for potency and flavor with Session Control. 

The Device Lock

One of the best features on the Pax Era is the device lock. Through the app you can lock the device so no one can use it until you unlock the device. So it’s perfect to prevent misuse in case you have any children or wayward friends who can’t be trusted.

Your Privacy

Since you’re using an app to get high as hell, you might be a little paranoid about where that information is going. Don’t be. At PAX, they take the security and anonymity of their customers seriously. PAX will never sell your information to third parties and will not send you marketing or promotional materials without consent.

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